Monday, September 25, 2006

The Student Side of Online Conferences

A great opportunity for students:
What does it mean to be a global citizen?
Four conferences for students! iNet is hosting four online conferences that will allow students around the world to learn about global issues and it will provide students with the opportunity to share their ideas with their peers as well as develop a global perspective on life on our planet. More importantly, these conferences will permit students to develop a more active role as global citizens and to discuss what it means to be a global citizen. “We need students help to make the conferences a success. We invite students to use their imagination and creative skills to tell us what they think about their role in the world – today and tomorrow. This might include short stories, essays, letters, mind-maps, drawing, videos or audio files. We have provided questions as a starting point, but they are only a guide – we want students to be honest and submit resources on the issues that matter to them. The resources may then be discussed by students from around the world.”
The online conferences are based on material produced by students. Adults are not allowed to participate in the student online conferences.

Students and teachers, who intend to forward access details onto a large number of participating students, may register for free for the set of four conferences at

Conference 1: Global Citizens – Are You A Global Citizen? 11 Dec. – 17 Dec 2006- Deadline for papers / presentations is Monday, Oct 23 2006

Conference 2: Global Equality – We Are the First Generation Who Can Eradicate Poverty. 11 Dec. – 17 Dec 2006- Deadline for papers / presentations is Monday, Dec 11 2006

Conference 3: Global Resources – How Can We Protect Our Planet? 12 Mar – 18 Mar 2007- Deadline for papers / presentations is Monday, Jan 29 2007

Conference 4: Global Peace – How Can We Bring Peace To Our Planet? 14 May – 20 May 2007- Deadline for papers / presentations is Monday, Apr 2 2007To learn more about these conferences, please visit

For questions, please e-mail Online Conference Manager, Ms. Debra Brydon at

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