Thursday, December 15, 2005

Semester Exam

Welcome to the Exam of Love!

Your Exam: Essay

For your Semester Exam, you must plan, write and revise a formal essay.

From the options below, select the one that inspires you the most.

Choice 1
Think of and write about the person you admire most. Write to explain why you admire that person. Include a specific instance or anecdote about that person that gained them your admiration.
Choice 2
An editorial in one local paper has invited readers to comment on the situations of violence and vandalism that are increasing in our schools. Assume that you have the opportunity to respond to the editorial by writing a column. In a well-organized five paragraph essay, discuss what you believe to be some of the causes for this problem and offer possible solutions; where possible, draw upon your own experience and observation to support your discussion.

Choice 3
“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Do you agree with this statement? Plan and write an essay in which you develop your position on this issue. Support your point of view with reasoning and examples taken from your reading, studies, experience, or observations.
Choice 4
Writing Situation
All of us have seen the effects of peer pressure in school situations. The pressure can result in bullying, in unusual competition, in experimentation with alcohol and drugs, or even suicide. Other results such as non-conformity with school dress codes, unwillingness to display academic ability, etc. are less dramatic but nevertheless just as real.

The Writing Directions
In a well-organized essay consider your own experiences with peer pressure in school settings. Identify a particular example, either one you personally experienced or one you observed; describe the situation, the kind of pressure exerted, and the result. Indicate what implications there might be from this experience for how you, as a teacher, can help students to cope with peer pressure in school.

Choice 5
I have learned many things that have helped me in life, but one thing that was especially valuable was ______ Assignment: Write an essay that completes the statement above. Explain the reasons behind your choice.

Choice 6
"There has always been great passion to keep things as they are." "There has always been great passion to bring about change." In an essay, discuss ONE of the two statements above, supporting your views with an example or examples from science, art, music, history, literature, current events, or your own experience or observation.

Choice 7
“Whatever is right is right even if no one else is doing it. What is wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it.” Write to explain the quotation above and explain whether or not you agree with it.

Choice 8
Writing Situation: If you could choose to be any animal for forty-eight hours, what would you be?
Directions for Writing: Before you begin writing, think about what kind of animal you would like to be - a wild animal, farm animal, or a household pet. Now explain in an essay why you chose this animal. Support your ideas with examples and details.

Choice 9
Writing Situation: The U.S. Postal Service has honored many individuals from presidents to singers to cartoon characters, by placing their portraits on postage stamps. Whom would you nominate to honor with a postage stamp?
Directions for Writing: Before you begin to write, think about why this person should have his or her own stamp. Now write an essay to tell the reader whom you would choose and explain why that person should be honored with a postage stamp. Support your ideas with examples and details.

Choice 10
Create your own persuasive or expository prompt. Once you have written the prompt, print it and bring it to me for approval.

After you have selected your prompt, create a new Word file, format it according to the essay formatting guidelines and begin typing your rough draft. When you have completed your rough draft, save it to the folder named “Rough Draft” in your period’s folder.

Give your file your last name only. After you have saved your rough draft, begin revising your essay. When revising, make certain you make the most possible use of the following important essay pieces:

Introductory Paragraph
Thesis Statement
Main Idea/Topic Sentence
Figurative Language
Mature Vocabulary

Also, make certain you do all you can to fulfill the requirements for a 6.0 essay:

A 6 paper is superior. It does ALL OR MOST of the following:
Addresses the topic clearly and effectively showing originality, creativity, and depth of thought.
Develops ideas in a clear, logical, and detailed manner, displaying effective organization and coherence.
Uses language effectively with a sense of control.
Commits few, if any, errors in grammar/usage and mechanics.

After you have revised your essay, save it in the “Finished Essay” folder in your period’s folder. Name your file with your last name only.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Class for 12-9-05

Welcome back to the Classroom of Love!

Today you will be showing me you are able to analyze the meaning of words using word structures, content and word origin. You will also be showing me you can write for a variety of occasions, audiences and purposes. (Sarasota Standards 2.1 and 5.5)

Please write the following in your agenda and keep your agenda on your table so that I may see it:

Agenda: Finish writing if you did not complete it in class.

Today, we have two tasks to complete:
Task 1: Create origami object of your choice.
Task 2: Write using the origami object as your muse.

Procedures to remember: 3-Before-Me and Quiet Signal.

Task 1: I have compiled a list of different origami possibilities and linked them to the list below. Simply click on one of the words and you will be taken to the instructions for how to make that object or animal. Select one of the objects and use the paper I have provided to create that object. You may use your team's markers and scissors if needed.

I have samples of each of these if you would like to see them.

Object List:

Task 2: After you have created and decorated your object, please get your comp. book from the back shelf and turn to a blank page.

At the top of the page, please write:
Which object you created

Please use the remainder of your time to write using your object as your muse or inspiration.

You may write for any number of different purposes:

Story, "Once upon a time, there lived a lazy little tree snail..."

Journal entry from the point of view of your object, "It stinks being a paper tank, I've got nothing to do and no one is intimidated by my little folded barrel..."

Production log telling what you thought and felt as you created your object, "Grrrrr, I picked the hat because I thought it would be the easiest to make, but I quickly found out I was wrong..."

Or any other type of writing you can think of. The only rule is that is must include your object directly.

Note: If you do not have time to complete your writing in class, you may take your comp. book home to complete the writing and return it to me Monday at the start of class.