Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Class for 1-26-06

Welcome Back!
  • Please use the map at the front of the room to find your way to your new seat.
  • Once you are at your seat, please take out your homework from last night and have it ready to be picked up.
  • Please write the following in your agenda: Enjoy the evening.
  • Please leave your agenda and your homework out.

Today, we will be writing based on the prompt below. I have included some guiding questions to help you add elaborations and details to your writing.

Writing Situation: Language is all around us and shapes the way we feel, understand and communicate.
Directions for Writing: Keeping in mind the effects of language, write to explain your feelings on cursing. Describe it, why people do it and your feelings on whether or not they should.

Guiding Questions:

  1. Why do people curse?
  2. What constitutes cursing?
  3. What role do entertainment and the media play in whether or not someone curses?
  4. Is there a certain age where it is appropriate?
  5. How do you think society views cursing now vs. in the past?
  6. How might society’s views on cursing change in the future?

To Get Out

•Save your file with your last name in the file named 1-26-06 in your class’ folder.
•Log off of your computer.
•Clean up your area.
•Wait for Mr. Chase to dismiss you.

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