Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hungry for morsels

After what I imagine to be one of the longest brainstorming session ever (he created the thing last Fall) Principal Cantees has made his first blog post. I even got a shout out. I've been on him for the last few weeks to post again and comment on the blogs of others. His worry is that he doesn't have anything to say, that he wants what he writes to be important.
Ironically, it's one of the problems I've seen over and over again with my beginning writers. They're so worried that their first drafts won't be Pulitzer-worthy that they never get anything on the page or screen.
Luckily, I think Principal Cantees is starting to come around to the idea that it's about the conversation that comes after the posting - the one that refines your thinking and makes you do more of it - that counts more than the original post.
I suppose we'll have to wait and see if post #2 is still months in the making.
More later.

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