Sunday, July 15, 2007

A cellular classroom?

I've been thinking recently about what technology I can expect my kids to have next year. We're still not at a place where Internet access is at 100% (my kids tend to hover around 80%).
What I can almost always know my students (last year it was 95%) will possess is a cell phone.
Of course, my school has the posted "Use your phone and the world around you will come crashing to a hault" policy. We can work around that.
So, here's the question, what are you doing in your classroom to integrate/embed cell phones into instruction? Where are the resources built around cell phones in education?
Does a wiki already exist with this info.? If not, it does now. If you've got anything you can contribute, post away.
More later.


Anonymous said...


Was just talking about this the other day, I want to have students be able to post blogs via their cell phone. I have a student that uses his PSP which gave me the idea. We'll talk when I see you next week.


brittaney williams said...

hey. well my last days friday. im not at school right know im home packing . have you found a house yet ihope your exited having to live in philidalphia. i love you mr. C