Monday, September 12, 2005

Class for 9-12-05

Welcome Back!
For today’s lesson, you have three tasks to complete. They include:

  1. Responding to today’s quote (15 minutes)

  2. Finishing typing your essay into your Word file (15 minutes)

  3. Begin examining verbs (15 minutes)

Before we get to that, please take out your agenda and write tonight’s homework in your agenda:
Write three sentences about your Monday. Due 9-13

Today’s quote comes from Kanye West:

“We all self-conscious, I’m just the first to admit it.”

  1. Create a new Word file

  2. Type your name and the date at the top

  3. Copy and paste the quote into the file

  4. Below the quote, explain what West meant and whether or not you are self-conscious. Be certain to use specific examples to back up your main ideas.

  5. When time is called, save your response in the folder marked “9-12-05 Quote. Name your file: Last Name 9-12 Quote

  6. Be prepared to share with your classmates.

  1. Please open your 3 Adjectives Essay and finish typing your rough draft into the Word file you created last week. Remember, you only have 15 minutes to work on this task, so it is important you remain focused.

  2. When time is called, click “File” and then click “Save.”

TASK 3.1

  • Please open one of the English books on your table to page 142.

  • Read the book’s explanation of action and being verbs.

  • On a piece of notebook paper, write down the parts of the explanation that are important to know about verbs.

  • You may work with the partner at your table

  • This should include definitions and examples

  • After you have completed your notes, please bring them to me. If your notes are complete, I will give you a piece of paper on which to complete TASK 3.2

TASK 3.2

  • Please put your Name, the Date, and your class Period in the upper Left corner of your paper.

  • Complete 1-8 on pg. 142

  • You may work with your table partner if you wish.

  • You do NOT need to write the sentence.

  • You DO need to write the VERB as well as whether it expresses a MENTAL action, PHYSICAL action or BEING.

  • Please turn your completed assignment into your class period’s basket.

If you complete TASKS 1-3 and have extra time remaining, you may:
  1. Post a comment to this blog about today's class, your life or anything else on your mind.

  2. Take out a book and read silently.


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