Saturday, September 10, 2005

A Saturday Well Spent

Yes, it's Saturday and I'm in Tampa. "Are you up there to see a sporting event? Are you there to pick someone up from the airport? Are you there to go to the mall?" The answer to all is, "No."
I'm up here to attend a daylong conference put on by the Tampa Bay Area Writing Project. It's exactly what I need.
Because of all the moving around over the summer, I didn't get to take part in any English Conferences. I depend on these things to sharpen the saw. They fill me with new ideas, yes. More to the point, though, they help me to remember all of the great and amazing things I can be doing in my classroom to help my students to achieve.
Today, I've been to a session on scaffolding, a session on multiple intelligences and now I'm in the third an final session on blogging and IMing and all that in school.

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