Sunday, July 30, 2006

Lesson Tuning Protocol

The Lesson Tuning Protocol was designed by The Institute for Research and Reform in Education as a tool to help teachers work in a collaborative, structured environment to improve lesson plan design and implementation.
The LTP benefits teachers and students by:
  • providing a structure for collegial interaction
  • creating a space where educators feel safe to discuss and share pedagogies
  • allowing teachers the benefit of peer input on given lessons
  • introducing a mechanism for building Professional Learning Communities
Expected Outcomes:
  • Model use of LTP in larger Professional Learning Communities.
  • Integrate cooporative learning / MCREL strategies and content area vocabulary tools to work within your content area to develop a lesson plan you will be able to use this year in your classroom.
  • Work within small PLCs to carry out the LTP with a randomly selected lesson plan.
  • Post a comment to this blog entry with your thoughts/questions about the LTP.
To learn more about IRRE and LTP:


Anonymous said...

Practice will make this process perfect. I think teachers can benefit from the feedback provided. I learned a lot today. Introducing this strategy to improve lesson plans can provide lots of good teachin'for our kids.

Yesenia said...

PS. The first comment is Yesenia's

lori said...

In time, I feel this will be a
uniformed, effective way to share.
But what I really think is...this is hard!But practice makes perfect.

Jason said...

I definitely see the potential for better collaboration among peers by using a common form and a common procedure.

Lynne said...

Great Lesson. I really liked the refining protocol as a collaborative planning tool.

Trina said...


Anonymous said...

afternoon session: Needed more time to review the requirements of the protocol and develop the LP.

morning session: Playing the role of facilitator and the presentor caused some confusion among the teachers.


Edna said...

I found this in-service beneficial in many aspects. The McRel info gave an excellent point of departure from which to start the 2006 year. I love the collaboration imbedded in the Lesson provides a great opportunity for ongoing teamwork. From Wendy to Sue, I was engaged, enlightened, informed - great training start.

Laura Zane said...

I think this process will become easier as time goes on. It feels a little uncomfortable for me right now because it is soooo structured. However, I really appreciate the feedback and know that it will help me grow.

lori said...

The day went well, and I enjoyed all the training.It's good to be back.I'm looking forward to the collaboration I can be involved with all of you...Lori

Wendy said...

I like the lesson plan protocol and think it will be a useful tool in our belts! Though they are hard to live within, I like the specific time guidelines. It keeps the meeting moving along quickly which makes me feel like my time is valued. Thanks Zac and Stephanie for sharing this with us!

Jack said...

It's always good to work with your peers, and I think that this activity will help to integrate the curriculum.

Joanne said...

Today was very informative: it game me refreshers on cooperative learning and new ideas to implement in class such as uses for tiered vocabulary and lesson planning protocol. All of the presenters were professional, prepared and delivered enthusiastically! Glad to be aboard.