Thursday, April 19, 2007

From TPA to LAX

You can imagine my surprise at the coincidence that took place this morning when my Google Reader feed displayed the following from Frank Lloyd Wright as one of my quotes of the day:

Turn the world on its side and everything loose will land in Los Angeles.

I'm sitting in the Tampa International Airport waiting to depart for Los Angeles. I take off at 6:55 and get in at 9:17. With the time difference, that's what, a 9-hour flight?

I'm off to Long Beach, CA again for a meet up with my fellow Freedom Writers Teachers. I know I went almost 26 years without meeting many of these people. Still, waiting from October until now to see everyone again seems like much too long. I can't wiat to hear what everyone has been doing with their students this year. The successes will be amazing, I'm sure.

What's interesting to contemplate is the difference in my mood this go 'round. My first trip was filled with excitement about meeting Erin and the Freedom Writers. While I'm still incredibly excited this time. I think that excitement is incredibly rivaled by the anticipation of seeing friends.

All right, the lady is starting the boarding process. I suppose I should post and get ready to take off.

I wonder what the movie will be.

More later.

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