Monday, April 23, 2007

Waiting for the Red Eye

This won't get posted until I'm safe at home, but I'll look past that for the moment. I can't fathom why LAX doesn't have free wireless, but that's neither here nor there.

This was an amazing weekend. It had the possibility in the beginning, but it's still nice to see plan come together.

Aboce all was the blending of the two groups of pilot Freedom Teachers. We were two familes, now we're married. If anything, I know I didn't get enough time to meet with Mike from Philly or Robert from Atlanta or Gail from Cali.

The same feel of being recharged and repaired after spending quality time discussing what my life centers around has settled on me. Over and over this weekend we have spoken of the worth of finding and connecting with other teachers who "get it." I'm feeling as though that's going to need to be a post allon its own.

This weekend was about bonding, but was about building as well. Ours were valued voices in how to build the Freedom Teacher program and how to tweak what's already in existence. We've also been given the opportunity to help edit and contribute to the forthcoming teacher's guide to The Freedom Writers Diary.

It feels good to be a part of something.

And so I sit. Here. Purple yarn tied around my left hand as a reminder of ties strengthened and ties created. My mind is processsing and planning and exhausted.

I'll step off my plane tomorrow morning at 6 am, wait an excrutiating amount of time for my baggage and then drive the 70 miles home. I might get a short nap before heading to school to teach at 9 am.

Coffee? I think yes.

More later.

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