Sunday, February 10, 2008

A outline for changing the world

[Below is the description of the project I last posted about.]

Q3 English Benchmark Description
Social Action Project

Alignment with SLA Core Values

What is an issue affecting you at the local, state, national or global level that you can work to change?

Research: Identify the social, historical and scientific factors surrounding this issue. Identify realistic steps that can be taken to create positive change regarding this issue. Identify a change agent with capital (social, political or economic) necessary to work to improve the status of your issue.

Collaboration: While conducting your research, you will identify and subscribe to at least three RSS feeds from viable sources regarding your topic. Throughout the quarter, you will synthesize your information in the form of at least 10 blog posts to your SLA Drupal blog. Two of these posts must analyze the topic through the scientific lens, and two of these posts must examine the topic through a sociological or historic lens. You will also be responsible for subscribing to and commenting on the blog postings of two members of your stream as well as two members of the opposite stream.

Presentation: Based on your research and synthesis, you will create a 3-5 minute “elevator pitch” designed to convince your identified change agent to act on your issue. You will also create a research-based action plan outlining realistic steps that can be taken to improve conditions surrounding your issue.

Reflection: Given the cumulative nature of the understanding gained through this project, you will post 5 reflective posts charting your progress throughout the quarter with the fifth post to follow completion of the Presentation portion.

Skill Sets

Necessary Tech Skills:
  • Posting blog entries to Drupal
  • Searching and identifiying reliable information sources
  • Subscribing to RSS feeds
Necessary Social Skills:
  • Contacting change agent
  • Arranging face time with change agent
  • Providing productive feedback and support to peers


Anonymous said...

I'm lovin' it! Thanks, Zach, for this lovely project and the solid articulation of SLA's core values and how they play out here. I posted feedback on two kids' blogs (one from Gold, one from Silver) and hope to do more as time goes on.

This is important work, for sure.

~Alexa Dunn

Kauffman said...

I was just a part of your presentation at the one-to-one conference at Penn State on "Technology is Ubiquitous". You shared aspects of the Changing the World project and I really appreciate your passion for and dedication to transforming teaching to be more about students and less about content.

I'm currently working with students in my school to develop a leadership conference that inspires students to believe they can make a difference. It explores the origins of vision, character, and change.

If you have a chance, please check out our website:

Keep up the incredible work and I look forward to reading great things about and from you in the future.