Friday, November 04, 2005

Class for 11-4-05

Welcome back to the Classroom of Love!

You know what I expect of you. You know what you are capable of. You know how to respect and treat others well. Remember these things throughout class today.

Homework: Think about how you will make my class a great place for learning when you return Monday.

Today, we have 4 tasks to complete.

Task 1: Journal Entry
Task 2: Catch up from yesterday
Task 3: Unit Review
Task 4: Letter

Task 1: In your Comp. Books, please write the date at the top of a clean page. Then, for 10 minutes, write to explain your behavior in our classroom over the past week. Remember, when I ask you to explain, I’m looking for what happened and extensions and elaborations to tell me how, why and what it looked like. When time is called, Miss Carrigan will call on one student to collect the Comp. Books and place them where they belong on the back bookshelf.

Task 2: I know I gave you quite a bit of work to complete yesterday. I have the work that was turned in to me, but also want to give you a chance to complete what you did not have time to complete.

Special Note: Miss Carrigan passed along the observation that many of you were struggling with yesterday’s assignment. This is ok, much of this should be new material that you cannot simply read the problem and find the answer. You must Must MUST read the unit and explanations that come before the assigned problems if you are going to understand what to do.

Task 3: This task is to be completed ON YOUR OWN. Each unit has an “Extra Practice” section at its end. Today, please complete as much of this section as you can, working alone. I will check the papers at the end of the day to see how far each student was able to get. The Unit’s and their page number for their “Extra Practice” sections are listed below.

Unit 1: Page 30
Unit 3: Page 99
Unit 5: Page 184
Unit 7: Page 264
Unit 9: Page 337
Unit 11: Page 418

Task 4: If you complete Tasks 1-3, your assignment is to write a letter to me. Your topic can be whatever you choose. Write it about class, your life, the space station, music, etc. When you have finished with your letter, please sign it and give it to Miss Carrigan to pass on to me.

Thank you for your attention and respect. I will see you Monday.

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