Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Class for 11-1-01

Welcome back to the Classroom of Love!

Today's homework: Tell your parent or guardian one thing you and your group accomplished in planning your lesson for class today.

Today, you have three tasks to complete:

Task 1: Essential Information No. 47
Task 2: Lesson Checklist-Rubric
Task 3: Individual Chapter Notes
Task 4: Group Master List of Key Concepts
Task 5: Begin Writing Unit Assessment

Task 1: Please write the following information in Section 4 of your binders:

No. 47 Remember that your actions do not exist in a vacuum and that your choices bad or good will be remembered and called into question long after you make them.

Task 2: Miss Carrigan will pass out and review the Checklist-Rubric for this week.

On this sheet of paper, you will find step-by-step instructions to completing your lesson plan. If you pay close attention to what they ask you to do, you will have a successful project.

As of today, I expect all groups to be working on items 1-5 of the checklist. There is no need for you to be using computers yet, nor is there any need for you to be using my teaching resources.

If you have a question on the Checklist-Rubric that Miss Carrigan cannot answer, please write it on a Post-It note and I will respond to you tomorrow.

Task 3: Continue your individual notes on your assigned units that you began yesterday. If you need more specific instructions, please see Task 3 for yesterday's class. Remember, each group member is responsible for turning in his or her individual notes.

Task 4: After each group member has completed his/her notes on the Key Concepts for the Unit, as a group, please draft a master list of the key concepts. This may mean you throw out some people's ideas or that you add ideas no one had come up with.

Task 5: After you have shown Miss Carrigan each group member's notes on the unit's key concepts as well as the groups Master List of Key Concepts, you may begin creating your group's test.

This test should include assessment of all of the key factors you addressed in your Master List and cannot include any fill-in-the-blank or True/False questions. Multiple Choice, Short Response and Extended Response questions are allowed.

Alternative assignment: If, for some reason, you choose not to work with your group or on this project today, you will read silently in class and complete the Reading Inventory sheet I have created for you. This does NOT mean you will not be responsible for the group work you choose not to do. It simply means a choice on your part not to complete the assignment does not give you the right to do no learning or thinking in my class.

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