Monday, October 31, 2005

Class for 10-31-05

Hello, and welcome back to the Classroom of Love.

Homework: Explain one key concept of your unit to your parent or guardian.

Today you have 3 tasks to complete:

Task 1: Essential Information No. 46
Task 2: Assignment of Units
Task 3: Read your assigned units separately and take notes.

Task 1: Please write the following essential information in Section 4 of your binders:

No. 46 When completing a group project, remember the final product is only as good as the efforts of the weakest group member.

Task 2: Please take out the piece of paper titled, “You Week Ahead.” As Ms. Carrigan reads off the list of unit assignments, please put your group’s unit number at the top of the page on the line marked “My Group Unit.”

If you have lost your copy of the “Your Week Ahead” paper, please raise your hand and Ms. Carrigan will bring you a replacement. This is the only day she will be providing replacements, so make certain you put this paper where you will not lose it.

Task 3: Once you have your assigned unit, all you will need to complete the remainder of the class is the English book, some paper and a writing utensil.

It is EXTREMEMLY IMPORTANT that you take your time and put a great deal of effort into this task, because doing poorly on this task will result in your group doing poorly when it is their turn to teach. In short, PAY ATTENTION!

That said, here is what you will need to do:
Task 3.1: Turn to the first page of your unit.
Task 3.2: Begin reading your unit carefully.
Task 3.3: As you read, write any important or key concepts for your unit on a blank piece of paper with your name at the top. This will likely require several sheets of paper and will most likely be something that will take the rest of this class period and part of tomorrow’s class to complete.

Q. Why is this important?
A. Reading the unit you will be responsible for teaching and identifying the key concepts from that unit are absolutely necessary to making sure you can provide your students with the information they require.

Q. What is I have questions about the information from my unit?
A. If you have a question and do not understand something you read:
1. Re-read the information slowly three times and try to figure it out on your own.
2. Raise your hand and wait for Ms. Carrigan to come and answer your question.
3. If Ms. Carrigan has answered your question and you still need further assistance, please write your question on a separate sheet of paper with your name at the top and give it to Ms. Carrigan. I will read your questions when I get back to school and leave you a reply for tomorrow.
4. If you have further questions, you may post a comment to this blog, e-mail me or IM my account.

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