Monday, October 03, 2005

Class for 10-3-05

Good Day and Welcome Back!

I'm glad you're here today.

Special Note: Today we will be saving files to the server. It is incredibly important that you take care to read the instructions carefully so that you save your files to the correct space so that you will get credit for your work. If you have questions, remember to raise your hand and I will be with you as soon as I possibly can.

Homework: Think of everything you know about introductory paragraphs. (Please write this in your agenda.)

We have four tasks to perform today:

Task 1: Recording Essential Information in Binders
Task 2: Respond to Prompt for 12 Minutes
Task 3: Completing Online Quiz
Task 4: Reviewing Body Paragraphs for Pledge Essay

Task 1:
No. 29 We will decide to make the best choices.
No. 30 Never cut in line. If someone cuts in front of you, do not say or do anything about it. It's not worth it; just let me know what happened.
No. 31 When a guest visits our room, we will be on our best behavior and prepared to answer any questions the guests may have.
No. 32 When I call your home, answer the phone in an appropriate and respectful manner.

Task 2:
Respond to this prompt for 12 minutes MS Word.

Prompt: Parents, courts, and cities often impose curfews on teenagers. What do you think of curfews? Are they helpful in saving lives and keeping teenagers out of trouble, or are they just another insult to responsible teenagers? Write to explain your position.

Save your response as "Last Name" 10-3. My file would be saved as Chase 10-3. Please save your file in this class period's folder in the folder marked "10-3-05 Prompt."
Write until time is called. Remember, we write the entire time.

Task 3:
When we have finished writing, click HERE to complete Friday's online quiz. If you do not remember your user name or password, please raise your hand and I will come provide you with that information. Remember to take all three opportunities to improve your quiz score.

Task 4:
Please take out your body paragraphs from your essay on the "Pledge of Allegiance." Create a new MS Word file and type in those paragraphs. When you are done, save your essay as "LAST NAME" Pledge. My file would look like this "Chase Pledge." Please save your file in this period's folder in the folder named: Pledge Essay.

Ending task:
Post a comment to this blog explaining whether or not you think the country should continue to spend money on exploring space.


Lindsay Arrigo said...

Lindsay A.
I hate having a curfew . They are worthless and dumb becuz i dont listen to them n e wayzzz so I dont really care .For those who actually have a curfew i feel really bad for you becuz going to the beach at three in the morning is fun , except u may get ticket !

Anonymous said...

Tommy Russell
Period 3

I think there should be curfews for some reasons. Or some people who need one because of past events. Or if there parents feel like there children needs one because of some reasons. Most parents do not let there kids stay out all night anyways. So basically everybody has a curfew.

Anonymous said...

Donnie B.

I thnk that the country should spend money on exploring space because i think peopl should have the right to know what's in space and what's going on out there.

Anonymous said...

I think that there shouldn’t be a curfew unless you got in trouble with the law. I hate when I go out late at night and have to worry about the cops messing with you asking where your heading and all that then it better be a good reason or they will escourt you back home and I hate riding in the cops car. I seriously wish there wasn’t a curfew there wasn’t no curfew in northcarolina it sucks here but any wayz let me go and ill write about something else tomorrow.

nikki said...

i think that the united states shold continue 2 fund space stuff