Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Class for 10-26-05

Welcome back to the classroom of love!

Homework: Please complete your rough draft. If your rough draft is completed, edit a peer's rough draft using the editing checklist you received in class.

Today we have five tasks to complete:

Task 1: Essential Information No. 45
Task 2: Joke Duty
Task 3: Reading
Task 4: Rough Draft Sharing
Task 5: Editing Checklist Explanation

Task 1: Please write the following Essential Information in Section 4 of your binder:

No. 45 Rather than reacting verbally in the heat of the moment, take time to leave the situation, think about what's going on and cool down. This will reduce the chance of otherwise pointless arguments growing out of control.

Task 2: Will the designated joke teller please entertain us.

Task 3: Please, listen and take notes on what you hear while I read for 10 minutes from S.E. Hinton's Rumble Fish.

Task 4: Please take out the Rough Draft versions of your essay. Read through and make any comments you may have on what you have written. I will give you three minutes to complete this task. Afterward, please wait silently for directions.

Task 5: Please participate while we read the editing checklist together and then place it as the last page of your Basics Packet in Section 5 of your binder.

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