Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Class for 10-12-05

I'm ready for a productive Wednesday!

Homework: Write two similes, two metaphors and two examples of personification.

Today we have 4 tasks to complete:

Task 1: Essential Information No. 39
Task 2: Whirligig
Task 3: Figurative Language Notes For link to notes, click here.
Task 4: Essay Planning

Task 1: Please write No. 39 in section 4 of your binder.

No. 39 Encourage those around you to do their best.

Task 2: What has happened so far in Whirligig? What do you think will happen?
Listen as we find out more.

Task 3: Please take out a piece of paper and copy down the notes I write on the board concerning figurative language. Pay close attention because these are key to successfully completing your homework tonight.

Task 4: Please take out your planning sheet so that we can work through the process together.

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