Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Class for 10-19-05

Welcome back to a classroom of love!

Please write the hoemwork in your agenda.
Homework: Complete essay planning sheet. (Eighth grade, you may need to take your Comp. Books home to help you with this.)

Today, we have four tasks to complete.

Task 1: Read aloud
Task 2: Read aloud response
Task 3: Essential Information
Task 4: Essay planning and rough drafting

Task 1: For 10 minutes, listen as I read aloud to the class. While you listen, you may want to take notes on what you hear to better prepare for the Read Aloud Response afterward.

Task 2: In your comp. books, write the date at the top of a new page, title the page "Read Aloud Response #1" and respond to the questions below (Use extensions and elaborations to receive full credit on each answer):
  1. Analyze what you heard in class today and explain why you think the author wrote this book.
  2. Predict what will happen as this book unfolds.
  3. Describe the narrator of this book.

Task 3: Essential Information No. 42:

If all else fails, give a compliment.

Task 4: Today, we will work on completing the planning sheets for our publishable essays. If you have any questions while you are completing the planning, raise your hand and I will help you. Once you have completed your planning, show me and I will tell you whether you are ready to begin your rough draft. If you do not finish your planning sheet, you must do so this evening so that we may move forward with this assignment.

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