Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Class for 10-25-05

Welcome Back to the Classroom of Love!

Homework: If you have not already done so, complete the rough draft of your essay.

Today, we have 5 tasks to complete:

Task 1: Good News/Joke Duty
Task 2: Essential Information No. 44
Task 3: Complete Diagnostic Part II
Task 4: Complete Planning Sheet/Rough Draft
Task 5: Question Game

Task 1: Let's take 3 minutes to share good news since the last time we met. Also, I will explain and assign the first joke duty.

Task 2: No. 44 When ordering food, especially in the lunch line, make certain you say, "Please," and "Thank you," at the appropriate times.

Task 3: For those of you who did not complete the Reading Diagnostic Friday, take a few minutes to complete it now. Those students who have already completed the diagnostic should work on their planning sheet and rough draft or read silently.

Task 4: Please take out your completed planning sheets and whatever you may have completed of your rough draft. Based on what you have completed and with the help of your Basics Packet, today we will be writing out our rough drafts.

For those of you who have your rough drafts completed, find someone else in the class to trade with, and edit a peer's rough draft using the editing sheet I will provide.

Task 5: If the class works well and shows expected behavior, we will learn the Question Game. If I do not feel the class has earned the right to the question game, I will save it for next week.

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