Thursday, October 20, 2005

Class for 10-20-05

Welcome back to the classroom of love!

Homework: Complete the rough draft of your essay. Remember to bring something to read Friday.

Today, we have 5 tasks to complete.

Task 1: Homework check
Task 2: Journal Response
Task 3: Essential Information No. 43
Task 4: Rough Drafting
Task 5: Joke Duty

Task 1: Please take out the planning sheets you completed as homework last night and hand them to the person I ask to collect them.

Task 2: Take 13 minutes to respond to the prompt below:

Prompt: Years ago, there were separate public schools for girls and boys, especially at the high school level. Boys went to one school and girls went to another nearby, an entirely different school. Do you think this is a beneficial idea? Should boys and girls attend separate schools? Write for 13 minutes to persuade school officials whether or not they should separate boys and girls into different schools.

Task 3: Essential Information No. 43: You may not choose what happens in your life, but you are constantly in charge of what you do about it.

Task 4: Now that you have completed your planning, it is time to begin work on your rough draft. To complete the rough draft, you will need to use the framework you began on the planning sheet and transfer that to complete paragraphs. You may use your Basics Packet for ideas on vocab choice and other writing devices. Your completed rough draft is due FRIDAY.

Task 5: Mr. Chase will explain.


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