Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Class for 10-11-05

Welcome Back!
I missed you while I was away.

Homework: Write the definition of "idiom" on a piece of notebook paper.

Today, we have four tasks to complete.

Task 1: Essential Information No. 38.
Task 2: Journal Entry (12 Minutes)
Task 3: Continue/complete reverse planning.
Task 4: Debrief

Task 1: Please write No. 38 in section 4 of your binder:

No. 38 Maintain your integrity no matter what happens.
* Look up "integrity" in the dictionary.

Task 2: Please respond to the prompt below in your comp books for 12 minutes.

Prompt: The way a class behaves while in the care of a substitute teacher is a reflection of the level of respect they have for themselves, their daily classroom teacher, their school and their upbringing. When a substitute is present, students should ask themselves, "Am I doing what my teacher would expect of me?", "Am I showing respect for everyone involved?", "Am I doing the best I can?" With all of this in mind, take 12 minutes to write on your behavior and the behavior of your classmates while I was away Friday and Monday. Include the concepts of integrity and respect in your writings. Be honest and fair with your writing.

Task 3: Planning and drafting of essays. (Mr. Chase will lead instruction and begin drafting process.)

Task 4: Discussion of process, thoughts on class.

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