Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Class for 11-8-05

Welcome back to the Classroom of Love!

Homework: Find out how the referenda vote comes out with percents. Must be written.

Bellwork: Please write the date (11-8-05) at the top of a new page in your comp. book. Then, take 5 minutes to write your answer to the question below:

What are your thoughts on preserving the environment?


1. Teacher poses a problem to which there are many possible responses or answers.
2. In pairs, students take turns sharing responses or solutions.

Find Someone Who…

1. Students mix in the class, keeping a hand raised until they find a new partner that is not a teammate.
2. In pairs, Partner A asks a question from the worksheet; Partner B responds. Partner A records the answer on his or her own worksheet.
3. Partner B checks and initials the answer.
4. Partner B asks a question; Partner A responds. Partner B records the answer on his or her own worksheet.
5. Partner A checks and initials the answer.
6. Partners shake hands, part, and raise a hand again as they search for a new partner.
Students repeat steps 1-6 until their sheets are complete.
7. When their worksheets are completed, students can sit; seated students can be approached by others as a resource.



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